June 29, 2015.

The spring survey report is in. Since last year’s survey of biota did not begin until late May, it was necessary to have a complete picture of life at the quarries over a full season. The collage above, assembled by the folks at Center for Urban Habitats, shows a few highlights. The complete list of finds is here, at  Spring 2016 Survey Species List. Next week, the survey team will move to the “magnolia-pawpaw loop,” adjacent to the quarries site.

Here are a few photos of the CUH team at work, in the field (note the Flora of Virginia being used as a field guide), and in the lab. Happy new finds included: Liparis liliifolia (lily-leaved twayblade orchid), Oenothera laciniata (cutleaf evening primrose), woodsia obtusa (blunt-lobed woodsia), cystopteris tenuis (fragile fern).

Less welcome is the discovery of arthraxon hispidus (joint-head grass, an extremely invasive wavy-leaved grass sometimes called carpet grass—NOT wavy leaved basket-grass). It joins Chinese lespedeza, Japanese stilt grass, Japanese honeysuckle, autumn olive, and miscanthus as a threat to our native plant communities.


Here are some of the guys at work:

IMG_2450 copy           CUH team 4.16


CUH lab 4.16 - 1          CUH lab 4.16 - 1 (1)

With planting suspended until the more temperate days of early fall, controlling these invasives is now our highest priority. Hoping to get some volunteers to join in the effort.

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