With leaves fully emerged, the quarries’ warm-weather acoustics can be evaluated. So, a trio of musicians came last week to test instruments and locations for the Victory Hall Opera Company’s production exploring natural sound on July 24 and 26. The featured photo shows Katy Ambrose playing the alpenhorn as quarrydog Skyla adopts the RCA Victor pose.

Katy and I-Jen Fang tried French horn and various percussive instruments on the high North Quarry bridge— to astonishing effect.

Miriam Gordon—standing in for both tenor Adam Diegel and soprano Tracy Cox—sang across the water in various directions, here toward a South Quarry wall. It was a fine demonstration of the power rock walls and  water have to amplify music and create magic.

The audience for Soundflight will walk along the main trail  to see and hear a sequence of performances at various points around the quarry pools. Both dates are sold out, but ideas for next year are already being discussed.

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