We learned recently that The Quarry Gardens at Schuyler have been included in the Virginia Native Plant Society’s Registry— joining twenty other sites in the Commonwealth. The Quarry Gardens site report may be found at: https://vnps.org/virginia-native-plant-registry-sites/quarry-gardens-at-schuyler/

The Registry is a voluntary program launched in 1989 by the VNPS to preserve outstanding examples of native plants and their habitats. The primary requirement for eligibility is that a site have regional or state significance because of its native plants.

The Quarry Gardens include ten vegetative communities on two principal geologic formations; several of these communities are rare. Owing in part to variations in elevation, geology, and soil, The QGs’ documented assemblage of locally native plant species—more than 600—is the largest of any botanical garden in the state. This is especially remarkable because the only plants cultivated here are those native to the immediate area of Schuyler.

Offering further potential to inspire public interest in native plants are the quarries themselves, with their massive boulder piles and majestic walls reflected in pools of water.

The addition of the QGs to the Registry was reported in the June issue of The Leaf Letter, VNPS’s online newsletter. To learn more about the Registry program and other sites included in it: https://vnps.org/virginia-native-plant-registry-sites/

In May 2019, we hosted a VNPS field trip at the QGs.

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