“Before there were concert halls or microphones, there were Nature’s amplifiers: rocks, trees, water. And the human voice.”

. . . says the announcement for Victory Hall Opera’s July 24 Soundflight production at The Quarry Gardens, which will explore the effects of natural features on musical instruments including the human voice.

The early evening program will unfold as a sequence with  performers stationed around the gardens’  two quarry pools. The audience will follow the trails through native plant galleries to see and hear them.

Adam Diegel, tenor; Tracy Cox, soprano (both pictured); Simone Baron, accordion; Katy Ambrose, horns; and I-Jen Fang, percussion will be the featured performers. Vocal and instrumental works by Wagner, Strauss, Xenakis, Messiaen, Britten, Bizet, Rachel Devorah, and Puccini have been chosen for their appropriateness to the site.

Tickets go on sale May 1 at https://www.victoryhallopera.org/soundflight

The Charlottesville chamber opera company is in its sixth season of presenting creative opera performances.

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