They’re so “green,” even their blood is green! Caterpillars are welcome at The Quarry Gardens, where hundreds of native plants species offer a smorgasbord for hungry moth and butterfly larvae.

Master Naturalist Courtney McLaughlin, who will lead a special walk on the evening of July 17, knows her caterpillars. Courtney is the former Director of In-House Education at The Caterpillar Lab in Marlborough, NH—

Her interest in entomology dates from a Virginia childhood—and an attempt to bring handfuls of eastern tent caterpillars into the house. Later, as a teacher, she delighted pre-k children by raising assassin bugs in their classrooms.

Ever curious, her personal mission is to help others put aside preconceived ideas about insects and come to appreciate them for the complex and fascinating creatures they are.

To join us on Sunday the seventeenth at 6 p.m., just go to and sign up.

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