Hundreds of trees fell across roads and trails at the Quarry Gardens under the weight of January 3’s snowstorm. Mostly tall Virginia pines and Eastern red cedars, they brought with them countless smaller deciduous trees and shrubs. Fortunately, the visitor center, picnic pavilion, and bridges were spared. These photos were made after the roads were cleared.

On the 9th, in a cold drizzle, members of the Blue Ridge Mycological Society joined Armand and QGs property manager Forrest Maguire to take on some of the tough jobs.

Several trees had fallen into the water, including a huge pine that now stands upside down near the center of the South Quarry. Convener of the BRMS Pat Mitchell rappelled down the side to release some pines that had toppled over the edge and hung up. Charlie Aller, Mike Nye, and Chuck Theisen pulled, cut, and stacked.

The Pine Needle Pathway that leads to the Quarry Overlook is now somewhat less piney, as several of the largest trees fell. In the background is the picnic pavilion.

Uphill in the Preserve, what looks almost like a lumber yard in the background of this photo is a pile of trees as they fell—like pick-up sticks.

Much has been done to create access to the mess, but clean-up will take until the daffodils bloom. Anyone feeling the need for such exercise is earnestly invited to join the effort.


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