Cynthia Wood (seen here photographing Texas bluebonnets) will lead a wildflower walk  at The Quarry Gardens on Wednesday, April 14,  at 10 a.m.  Cynthia’s delightful, authoritative Virginia Wildflowers blog has earned 4,000 followers and 14,000 monthly readers on Facebook.

If phenology is a guide, participants may expect to see in bloom—and learn from Cynthia about—Wood anemone, Pussytoes, Wild columbine, Green and gold, Dwarf larkspur, Wild geranium, Alumroot, Bluets, Dwarf crested iris, Golden ragwort, Native phlox, Mayapple, Solomon’s seal, Wild pink, Bladdernut, Spring beauty, Foamflower, Mountain and Perfoliated bellworts, Heartleaf, Golden alexanders—and many others.

Clockwise from top left: Dwarf crested iris, Iris cristata;

Eastern red columbine, Aquilegia canadensis; 

Perfoliated bellwort, Uvularia perfoliata;

Virginia heartleaf, Hexastylis virginica.

Reservations are $15 per person, payable online. Sign up at


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