A fine article about the Quarry Gardens is featured in the Cultural Landscape Foundation’s current newsletter:  https://tclf.org/quarry-gardens-schuyler  

The foundation, located in Washington DC., was unknown to us until recently when a kind visitor referred us to its leadership, and we learned a bit about its mission. By “connecting people to places,” the foundation seeks to raise awareness of the irreplaceable value of the landscapes that shape the country, and to empower stewards of those landscapes. 

The foundation’s online database of more than 2,100 sites, 1,200 designer profiles, and 12,000 images is a treasure trove of information about What’s Out There in the U.S. and Canada. Searchable by landscape name, locale, designer, type, and style, it is a fascinating read and an inspiring resource for travelers and conservationists. 

Included in the site are What’s Out There Cultural Landscape Guides to significant landscapes in 17 cities, five produced in partnership with the National Park Service. (Fifty-nine landscapes are described and pictured for Richmond.) Through its Landslides program the site also highlights endangered landscapes.

We hope you will enjoy the article as well as some time spent on the https://tclf.org website. 

Photo courtesy UVA Library Special Collections

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